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Here we are 🇲🇽

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

We made it! Wednesday, October 13th we landed in Los Cabos. Really, I suppose it's not that different, we've been coming to Mexico more or less since 1995, but this year feels different. It's been 2 years since we've been able to travel and honestly we really needed to get away this year.

We grabbed a shuttle from the airport to our Airbnb in downtown Cabo. Of course there were the Chatty Cathy's in the van - each one uping the other on their previous travels, somewhat amusing but thankful at the first stop when one couple got out. It was then blissfully quiet so we could enjoy the scenery along the corridor and reflect on 'coming back home'.

Getting settled in our condo was somewhat hectic with all the luggage that we toted with us (we're going to be here for a while!) but we quickly found shorts and sandals and we went out to enjoy the marina area. Not much has changed although it was getting busy with the upcoming Bisbee Black & Blue tournament the next weekend. (there's a fun family movie about the World's Richest Fishing tournament on Netflix - Blue Miracle)

Our first stop, of course, was to find tacos and a margarita. Baja Cantina is always a good stop for that! Excellent fish tacos, cold beer and yummy margaritas!

I've been learning Spanish for the better part of the year so I was eager to try it out at breakfast the next morning. I was all confident when I ordered my long awaited Chiliquilles only to have them show up with no eggs on top. Somehow I guess I missed the whole "how do you want your eggs" I translated to "no eggs" - we had a laugh after I asked/hand danced if I could "please have some eggs" .

The rest of the week - well maybe 2 weeks - were busy picking up our rental car (thanks again Greg!) going to Costco, moving to another condo for a week, going to Costco, finding long term accommodation, going to Costco/Walmart, meeting with realtors, going to Costco, and finally moving into the condo where we are now and finding a place for all the crap we got at Costco!!

Thursday, October 28 - Ryan, Christina & Isabella arrived! yay! We picked them up at the airport and stuffed the back of the Nissan with all their gear, welcomed them with my famous GotMarg'd margaritas and headed home. They stayed with us for 5 days and enjoyed the sunshine, pool, beach, good Mexican food and lots of margaritas.

November 1st Day of the Dead has always been a big tradition in honouring loved ones that have passed. Cemeteries are decorated with flowers and offerings and are quite a beautiful sight. That is still a time honoured tradition but now Halloween has become a Huge Event here! What may have started with some Gringos handing out candy is now a full blown circus of activity! A few years ago we were here for Halloween and went downtown to Cabo Blue Bar with our friends Ricardo & Suzi. So I sorta knew what to expect and was excited that Isabella could dress up and not miss out on Trick or Treating.

We got downtown early and a little disappointed that it wasn't as busy I had remembered. We walked the marina and in no time it started getting busier and more crowded. Within the hour, I handed out my 2 pounds of candy that I packed from Canada and Isabella cleaned up with candy, coloring books, crayons and small toys. We were lucky enough to find a table at a restuarant looking right out into the action and by the time we left around 8pm there were quite literally THOUSANDS of people around the marina and in the downtown streets!!! I didn't even think to take more photos, but I saw a friends photos of the downtown streets - jam packed, wall to wall people - they closed off the streets to traffic so everyone could join in the excitement of the night. So that was a fun treat for Isabella and all of us to experience.

We're nearly a month in now and getting into a nice routine (we only go shopping once a week now!! lol) Gary is online learning every morning and I have started this blog. Afternoons are enjoying the pool or beach and Life is Good.

Until next time... No Bad Beach Days 🦎


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