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No More Sleeps

Many of you know that we've been talking about going to Nicaragua for over a year now... maybe longer lol. Well, we're Finally going!

Our destination, when we land, is a little beachside town San Juan del Sur. What once was just a little village attracting mainly surfers is becoming very popular with ex-pats (ex-patriots, usually from North America)

We've read up on it, watched hours of video and are excited to get there to check it out for ourselves. In the past year I've also joined a couple Facebook groups with people living there and moving there and I feel like I've made new friends already.

I was up at 5:15 today and it will be a whirlwind of packing up and getting to the airport. The Hurry Up and... Wait Day. Not much other than that and I'm hoping that all our travel documents are in order and things will go smooth. Unlike yesterday when it took almost a half hour to find my phone when we raced out to get some final things done!

So long Cabo - for a while ???? - and Nica here we come!


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